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Nickel nitrate ,hexahydrate
Molecular Formula: Ni(NO3)2·6H2O
Molecular Weight: 290.81
Physicochemical Properties: Nickel nitrate hexahydrate is a green monoclinic system crystal. It disintegrate in dry air. It’s easy in moisture absorption. Specific Density: 2.05, Melting Point: 56.7°C, Boiling Point: 137°C. When heated at 56°C, it decomposes into trihydrate by losing three water molecules and then converts into anhydrous salt at temperature of 95°C. It easily dissolves in water, and is soluble in alcohol, liquid ammonia, ammonia, and slightly soluble in acetone. It will burn or explode once in contact with organic chemicals. It’s easy in moisture absorption.
Applications and Usages: it is mainly used in electro-galvanizing, and production of other inorganic and organic nickel compound, preparation of other inorganic or organic chromium, as well as in glass industry and colored glaze for ceramics..
Product Specification: (Q/YLB—200006)
Packaging: 25 kg/bag, plastic inside and knitting bag outside, or in terms of customers' requirements.